March 24, 2015 by Clayton Foley

Are Men to Blame For Body Issues About Women?


Men are mostly to blame by women when it comes to the latter’s issues. Women today feel a lot of pressure with their body and how they look, and to make sure that they have grown according to the men’s standards, they do something to their body in order to become visually appealing to them.

Yet, is it really the men’s fault that women behave like that? Instead of pointing fingers at men, blaming them about the pressure felt by woman in order to conform to the physical ideal they think would please them, why not look it at a different perspective, say, like how the beauty and fashion industries have always portrayed men and women, not just the latter, on how they represent the human body to the public.

One show has given the audience a lot to think about, especially when the comment comes from a man. According to Dr. Aric Sigman, who is a specialist on child health education, stated that men are more forgiving when it comes to the body of a woman, even with the body fat. This has taken a number of women quit a long time to order their mind around that statement, as they were unlikely to happen since the media has been advertising standards of beauty that both sexes are going for it.

sexsFor a very long time, it has been accepted by society that heterosexual men search for health visual indicators when they are seeking for a partner, and so they prefer women in their most natural state, whether it is the curvaceous or slender type. It is also been long accepted that this kind of viewpoint, while it is music to the ears, has made little to no impact at all on the body confidence of women in the long term. Sigman claimed that by tradition, men have been cited as the very root of the problem for women having security issues in regards to their confidence with their own physical body.

Some women, especially those working as a body image specialist, find the last statement to be a a bit false, since they have been working with women who are conscious about their public image. Not once did they hear from women blaming men for such beliefs about women pressured to follow the standards of beauty always promoted by media. What the general consesus has come into agreement is that the narrowness of the standard of beauty that most women have seen today is the produce of the industries, specifically falling into fashion, beauty, plastic surgery and fitness.

The corporations that work in this kind of industry have advertising budgets reaching beyond multi-million, in which they it to generate and then aggravate the insecurities in order to encourage the public to buy the products that will fix insecurities. These days, they even have the most unprecedented access through the public thanks to social media, and also the heightened exposure of the average people to marketing and media. So far, it is humanity vs technolody and capitalism, not about man vs woman.

If you take a look at videos shared by various organizations concerned about the sexuality of women and how the industry is portraying them, reactions from the people in the commentary section reveals that women rarely blamed men for their insecurities. Some of them just want to catch up to the beauty standards simply because they want to feel beautiful themselves. Others for hygenic and aesthetic purposes. And it seems in the recent years, men are being pressured to follow the standard beauty of their gender, too, by enticing them to buy the products created by the industry in order to achieve such standards.

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