Chapterhouse Dune
Copyright ?1985 by Frank Herbert

by Alex Dunkel and Hitch

Darwi Odrade is now Mother Superior to her beseiged Sisterhood. The Bene Gesserit have settled in for "The Long Night of the Whores," as they refer to the Honored Matres whom are increasingly destroying the known universe in their search for the Bene Gesserit secrets. After hiding on planet Chapterhouse, Odrade and the Sisterhood wait for the emergence of the giant sandworms, to be shepherded by Sheeana, now the youngest-ever full Reverend Mother. But Odrade knows they cannot wait; taking murky and obscure clues from their captive Honored Matre, Murbella, Odrade formulates a plan to save her universe and her Sisterhood - a plan so devious, so clever and so fraught with peril that only another Atreides, Miles Teg, can carry it out to its completion. But Odrade's Sisterhood is not sure of her; they fear that she is, like her ancestor, Jessica, a flawed Bene Gesserit. As a result, Odrade formulates her plan in secret, known only to herself and her Sisters-within; a plan that will re-invent the Sisterhood, and, even if successful, may result in Odrade being branded a traitor throughout eternity. While Odrade hides her secrets, the genetically-enhanced Duncan Idaho hides his, as does Miles Teg; and, most dangerous of all, so does Sheeana, whose need to be free may be a threat to them all.

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