Children of Dune
Copyright ?1976 by Frank Herbert

by Alex Dunkel and Hitch

In the absence of Paul Muad'Dib, his young twin children, Leto II and Ghanima - the heirs to the Lion Throne, must navigate a universe bent on either controlling or destroying them. With full ancestral memories, both male and female, reaching back through the eons, they are the oldest living creatures the Empire has ever known, but they are viewed still as children even by those whom know them best. Now Regent, Alia is of little help, as she strives against an enemy she cannot destroy - an evil and long-dead adversary freed in her Ancestral Memories by her abuse of the Spice Trance. Struggling with maintaining her brother's religion, her Imperial position, and her sanity, Alia must also contend with those who are now certain she is Abomination. The Reverend Mother Lady Jessica, who has devoted herself once again to the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, has returned to Arrakis from Caladan, but her motives for this move are not clear - not even to herself. Leto and Ghanima, on the other hand, have plans of their own. The Twins believe that Leto's Golden Path, revealed to him in pieces in prescient visions, is the only way to save mankind. It then becomes Ghanima's job to protect her brother's terrifying secret as Leto ventures out to find himself and the Golden Path.

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