Editions of Children of Dune

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English Editions

G. P. Putnam's Sons


Berkley Medallion


New English Library

September 1977

Berkley edition
February 1981

Children of Dune (Ace paperback editions)

Ace paperback editions
July 1983 - April 1987

French Editions

Les Enfants de Dune (Ailleurs et Demain 50)

Ailleurs et Demain 50

Les Enfants de Dune (Pocket 5167)

Pocket 5167
Date Unknown

Les Enfants de Dune (Futurs - 1ere serie) - image not available

Futurs - 1ere serie
July/August 1978

Le Messie de Dune suivi de Les Enfants de Dune (France Loisir) - image not available

France Loisirs edition

Japanese Editions

The 3 volumes of Dy?n: Saky? no Kodomotachi
Dy?n: Saky? no Kodomotachi (Volume I)

Volume I
November 1978

Dy?n: Saky? no Kodomotachi (Volume II)

Volume II
January 1979

Volume III
January 1979

Brazilian Editions

Os Filhos de Duna
Dates Unknown

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