God Emperor of Dune
Copyright ?1981 by Frank Herbert

by Alex Dunkel and Hitch

Thirty-five hundred years after the realization of Leto's dream, the entire universe yearns to free itself of Leto's Golden Path, ignorant of the lesson it is teaching. Resistance, although strong, is quelled only by the powerful religion surrounding Leto II, his monopoly on Spice, and the existence of the Fish Speakers, Leto's personal army. Leto II, the God Emperor, still alive and encased in his living armor, monopolizes the Imperial Seat, awaiting the final aspect needed to obtain his goal. Yet Leto's sacrifice becomes torture for him upon the arrival of the beautiful Hwi Noree, the new Ixian Ambassador with an impenetrable past. Having taken over the Bene Gesserit breeding program as his own, Leto guides the Atreides bloodline in a direction that will fulfill his plans. Siona, a rebellious young woman, may finally be the one Atreides that carries his goal in her blood. Secretly, and with the aid of a Duncan Idaho ghola, she plots to destroy Leto and cause the end of the God Emperor's reign. As Siona's destiny slowly begins to cross Leto's Golden Path, the future of the all humankind sits in the balance, awaiting the outcome.

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Copyright ? 1996 by Alex Dunkel and Hitch.
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