Heretics of Dune
Copyright ?1984 by Frank Herbert

by Alex Dunkel and Hitch

Leaping forward in time, once again, it has been 1,500 years since Leto Atreides II sat on the Lion Throne. Since then, however, the freedom from the God Emperor's oppressions and the Famine Times that followed have caused a great "Scattering" to occur, where billions of humans ventured far and wide into the unknown universe, settling new planets, and spreading the human seed. In this time, their malicious descendants are coming back to the Old Empire, and they are settling for nothing less than the complete subjugation of all humankind, the destruction of the Bene Gesserit, and, most importantly, control - and mastery - of the Spice. Once more, two Atreides descendants, Darwi Odrade and Miles Teg, stand up to save their universe. They are assisted with the aid of a very special 11-year old boy; a clone grown from the cells of one of the most beloved characters in Dune, Duncan Idaho. As these two descendants of the legendary Siona follow their path, an implacable voice speaks to them from the past telling them that they are nothing "without noble purpose." To save their universe from an enemy consumed with avarice and decadence, these two must dramatically change everything in which they've ever believed - even though they face the possibility of being branded as heretics.

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Copyright ? 1996 by Alex Dunkel and Hitch.
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