Dune Messiah
Copyright ?1969 by Frank Herbert

by Alex Dunkel and Hitch

It has been 12 years since Paul Muad'Dib's Fremen forces overthrew the Padishah Emperor. Since then, the fanatical Jihad, headed by the Fremen Fedaykin, has become a juggernaut, destroying all in its path. Sitting uneasily upon a religious and Imperial throne, Paul fights relentlessly against the horrors of absolute prediction, unwilling to accept and unable to change the future in which he is trapped. A powerful oracular being hides from him a dangerous conspiracy, of which one of his own household is a member. Paul's sister, Alia, is now worshipped as a saint; but as she comes of age she, too, is betrayed by friends and beset by enemies. In the midst of this comes a gift from the Tleilaxu - one which Paul knows may bring about his own downfall. The gift is a ghola named Hayt, grown from the cells of his long-dead teacher and friend, Duncan Idaho. Unable to refuse, Paul welcomes the gift cautiously. As his prescient visions increasingly reveal to him a terrifying future, he struggles to change the path; yet his choices show him only horrible losses, or the destruction of all humankind. All the while, the conspirators, each with their own unspoken agenda, continue with their plans to destroy the Atreides, and to control the Spice for once and for all.

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Copyright ? 1996 by Alex Dunkel and Hitch.
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