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Brief Description:

The motion picture that has helped to draw younger fans into the Dune universe originally distanced itself from its loyal fans and confused the rest of the general public. Even today, many Dune fans strongly dislike the film. Others, however, love it dearly. This movie is available in three versions. There is a 2 hour and 17 minute theatrical release and an extended "4-hour" version (a.k.a. the Allen Smithee version) that occasionally plays on the Sci-Fi Channel. (In actuality, this "4-hour" version is about 3 hours plus commercials.) Laserdisc releases of both versions are also available. The third version of the film was the Channel 2 version, which was pieced together and aired once in 1992 on KTVU, a local Fox affiliate. This version is not available on video or laserdisc.

Finding DUNE in video (either VHS or laserdisc) has been difficult in the past. During the May 1997, Lynch's film was re-released in two formats: the widescreen and the standard pan and scan format. Laserdisc copies have always been hard to find, unless you live in Japan. With the emergence of DVD, the film has become available on this incredible new format.

Purchasing DUNE:

Among the many places you can purchase David Lynch's DUNE, there is one quality site known as CDNow. Personally, I've have had many good shopping experiences with this company. Be sure to see if they've got it in stock.
REEL is another quality site at which you have a good chance of finding the video. Although their supplies of the film can fluctuate, they usually offer good deals on the movie. You can either buy the film on VHS (new or used), DVD, or get a 7-day rental. They also ship to every country except Brazil and Russia.
Get it at CD Universe The video can also be purchased at CD Universe, another high quality store. Once again, the supplies can flucuate, but usually you can order the movie either on VHS, DVD, or LDV.

VHS Box Covers:

Pan and Scan Format

Widescreen Format

DVD Box Covers:

David Lynch's DUNE on DVD (Keep Case Edition)

Keep Case Edition

For a listing of available printings of DUNE in DVD, visit the following page at the Internet Movie Database:

Laserdisc Information:

No images of the laserdisc cases are avaialable at this time.

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