Help try to get the Dune Encyclopedia reprinted!

Dr. Willis McNelly, compiler of the Dune Encyclopedia is attempting to convince Berkley Publishing Group to get his book republished so that Dune fans can once again have easy access to it. Currently, many Dune fans search for months, and sometimes years, for a copy of this hard-to-find book. When they do find a copy, it usually cost them between $30 and $100. (The average cost is about $50.) To put an end to this, everyone who's interested in seeing this book reprinted needs to join Dr. McNelly in his effort.

If you want to see the Dune Encyclopedia reprinted, write to Susan Allison, the SF editor at Berkley. She can be reached at:

Susan Allison
SF editor at Berkley
200 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10016
FAX: (212) 545-8917

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