Borrowing Text and Images
from The World of Dune

Although the images on these pages don't technically belong to me due to the fact that all of it's either taken from a book or movie, it has taken me a considerable amount of time to scan these images and offer them for your viewing pleasure. If you are making a web page, and wanting to borrow images or text from this site, please have the courtesy to let me know. Some of the images on these pages were scanned by other people, and they deserve the credit. Just as I've done, I'm expecting others to give people the credit they deserve for their work. This also applies to text, especially summaries and essays. All I ask is that you give me credit on your pages for my work. Since I'm more sensitive about some material on my pages, let me clarify on what can and can't be borrowed.

What can and can't be borrowed, plus the conditions:

  1. The Map of Arrakis - I made this in December of 1996, and it took me over a total of 50 hours to turn it from a terrible scan into what it is now. Also, Gully Foyle took the time to colorize it so that it wouldn't just be in black and white. We both would prefer that you not copy it. I'm very sensitive about this one after all the time I've put into it. If you're wanting a copy of it to use as a background to your computer, then please download Mr. Foyle's Dune theme for Windows '95, which contains the map as a background along with several sounds and images borrowed from these pages.

  2. The disappearing Guild heighliners - These animated GIFs also took me a while to construct, plus they are one of the things that makes my pages unique. For those two reasons, I do not want to see these images anywhere else on the Web.

  3. Summaries or essays - Although I may not be the world's greatest writer, I still value my writing and don't want to see it posted on other people's web pages without quoting me. Failure to follow this rule is plagiarism, plain and simple. If you are going to use what I've written, please give me credit and link back to The World of Dune or my personal page. Of course, I'd like to know when people think my writing is worth posting on their web page, so please if you do use anything.

  4. Images of book covers and scans of other collectibles - These can be borrowed, but please say somewhere on your page that you took these images from my Dune web page. It can be at the bottom of a page, but don't put it in a font that's too small to read.

  5. Sounds and images from the movie - The same applies as with book covers (above).

  6. Sound clips from the soundtrack - I'd prefer that these not be copied at all.


If you'd like to use one of the images located on these web pages, please e-mail me: (). As long as you're willing to give me or the appropriate person the credit for scanning the images, you'll get a swift and friendly response... honestly.

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