Suggestions, Images, and Information Needed

A brief note about these pages...

Since I started reworking these pages back in December of 1996, my goal has been to offer the most complete Dune resource available. Although these are my personal pages, I would love to have more input. Let's face it... I'm making these pages for three reasons: 1) I love the Dune Chronicles, 2) I need to exercise my creativity and design skills, and most importantly, 3) I want to share what I can about this beautiful universe of Dune with everyone that's interested. It's a wonderful feeling to know that I've provided fellow Dune fans with information about this story. So what's the best way to give you a page that you'll enjoy? That's simple: I'll let you take part in its creation!

Do you want to contribute to The World of Dune?

How can you help? Well, as you can see, I don't cover everything there is about Dune. Honestly, I don't think it's possible for a poor college student, such as myself, to find every scrap of information or buy every collector's item. I've collected a lot over the last couple years, but this site still needs more! To clarify my needs, here's a list of what I do and don't need, followed by information about the type of credit you will receive for your input.


  1. High quality scans of book covers. I'd strongly prefer these images to be much like the ones I currently have. I'd like them to be around 500 pixels tall. Also, please save them in JPEG format and try to avoid saving them in GIF format during the scanning process if possible. I'm even interested in covers of foreign copies of Dune.

  2. General information about different publications of Dune. If I have a book cover, but I don't have much information about it, please mail me and fill me in. Also, if you have an edition that I don't have, but you can't scan the cover, please send the information anyway. I'm wanting publication dates, edition names, cover prices (local and foreign), ISBN numbers, and who made the cover art. It would be really nice if the people who scan book covers include this information. Help from book experts would also be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to document every known edition of each Dune book.

  3. Names, general scans, and information about Dune collector's items. The information that should be included, if available, is publication date, publishing company, and general information about the item. If I already have an item, but I haven't put up information on it yet, you will find it listed below.

  4. More Dune-related links. If you have a page, or if you know of a page, please let me know and I'll look into linking to it. If there are pages that have concepts, music or art related to Dune, please let me know.

  5. Suggestions for new pages! I've already had someone suggest a Dune FAQ (frequently asked questions), and I've decided against it. Instead, I plan on writing a page of text on every major character and event mentioned in the Dune Chronicles. Of course, I'm only a college student, so this may take me a couple years to get around to. Aside from that, are there any other ideas?

Not Needed:

  1. Obviously, information that I've already provided. Why be redundant? If you feel I've made an error, please let me know what correction I should make. If you feel you have a better scan than one that I've already got up, feel free to submit it.

  2. More sound and movie clips. I've got too many sound clips on my accounts the way it is. I'd love to have/make more, but I just simply don't have an infinite amount of space. Movie clips are just too big for my accounts, and too big for anyone on a modem.

Credit You'll Receive:

For your work and ideas, you will be given credit. If you scan an image, I will put your name on the page with the scan, saying that you donated the image. If you provide information about a book or collector's item, then your name will also appear below the item. Information about links that I agree to add, or suggestions for a Dune FAQ will be rewarded by having your name put into a list that will appear on the credits page. (The credits page will be re-designed soon.) General suggestions for new pages may also be added to this list. If you have specific ideas, your name might be added to the bottom of the actual page once it is made. Of course, the biggest reward of all will be the feeling of satisfaction you will get from knowing that you helped provide information to other fellow Dune fans around the world! --Honestly, that is a wonderful feeling in itself.

Thanks for your time!

Please e-mail me () if you have an idea, want to donate something, or have a correction!

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