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The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Written, composed, and performed mostly by Toto (with the exception of the "Prophecy Theme" on the original release), the official motion picture soundtrack for Dune is a very hot item. The new release, known as the David Paitch version, became available late in 1997. It has nearly 13 previously unreleased tracks, but it also purely instrumental. (Any dialog from the movie, such as in "Prologue", has been removed.) According to many people, including myself, this new release was a bit of a disappointment.

On the original release, nearly all of the songs on the disk are instrumental, with the exception of the first track, which is the introduction by Irulan, and the sixth track, in which the Baron says, "The Duke will die before these eyes..." Also, on this release there was an additional track called "Prophecy Theme", produced by Brian Eno. Since it hasn't been printed for several years, this version can be difficult to find and sometimes a little expensive (exceeding $20).

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Versions of the soundtrack
Original Version
? 1984
David Paitch Version
? 1984, 1997

"To Tame a Land" by Iron Maiden

This was Iron Maiden's first of several songs based either on quality literature or history. The song was released on their Piece of Mind album and predated David Lynch's motion picture by little more than a year.

"To Tame a Land"
Copyright ?1983 by Zomba Music
written by Steve Harris
He is the King of all the land
In the Kingdom of the sands
Of a time tomorrow.

He rules the sandworms and the Fremen
In a land amongst the stars
Of an age tomorrow.

He is destined to be a King
He rules over everything
On the land called planet Dune.

Bodywater is your life
And without it you would die
On the desert the planet Dune.

Without a stillsuit you would fry
On the sands so hot and dry
In a world called Arrakis.

It is a land that's rich in spice
The sandriders and the 'mice'
That they call the 'Muad'Dib.'

He is the Kwizatz Haderach.
He is born on Caladan
And will take the Gom Jabbar.
He has the Power to forsee
Or to look into the past
He is the ruler of the stars.

The time will come for him
to lay claim his crown,
And then the foe yes
they'll be cut down,
You'll see he'll be the
best that there's been,
Messiah supreme
true leader of men,
And when the time
for judgement's at hand,
Don't fret he's strong
and he'll make a stand,
Against evil the fire
That spreads through the land,
He has the power
to make it all end.

album cover

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by Iron Maiden
from Piece of Mind ?1983

"Dune" by David Matthews

This is a concept album release in 1977 and is a German import from CTI Records. The music can be categorized by as disco-jazz and has several co-stars, such as Grover Washington, Jr.

Side I ("Dune"):
  • Part I Arrakis
  • Part II Sandworms
  • Part III Song of the Bene Gesserit
  • Part IV Muad'Dib
Side II ("Miscellaneous Space Numbers"):
  • Space Oddity (David Bowie's song)
  • Silent Running
  • Princess Leia's Theme (from Star Wars)
  • Main the from Star Wars (in Disco!)
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"Dune: Spice Opera" by Exxos

This is the highly sought soundtrack to the Dune computer game from Cryo Software. It's really good music, which is kind of "futuristic ambient electro madness" with a lot of Dune vibe. The album is no longer licensed, and consequently is very difficult to find. Maybe if enough people hassle Virgin Records, they'll rerun it.

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Dune (the German techno group)

This group was inspired by the movie, and consequently named themselves after it. Most of their music on both Dune (their self-entitled album) and Expedicion has nothing to do with Frank Herbert's Dune.

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