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After a prolonged absence due to unreliable web service, The World of Dune returned to the Web in August of 2000 thanks to Sol Tec, Inc. for their generosity in hosting this site. As always, the site has not regained its full functionality due to lack of time on my part. Over the next few months, I am hoping to make great strides in the direction of updating this web site, both in content and appearance.

At this point, I'm still looking for some help with web graphics design and possibly web page design. If you've got the necessary skills and would like to contribute, please . I will, of course, give you credit for your work and allow you to reference the site for your portfolio.

Thanks for your patience.   - Alex


The long-awaited 6-hour Dune miniseries is scheduled to play on the Sci-Fi Channel between December 3rd and December 5th. Visit the's web site to view the trailer and to find additional information.

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