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Unfortunately, putting this page together seems like it's going to be tougher than I originally thought it would be. Rather than leave the link to this page inactive, I've decided to put up what I can. Hopefully within the next few weeks or months (or years) I'll be able to fill this page in with useful information about Frank Herbert.

When complete, this page will contain a biography of Frank Herbert, a general list of his novels and short stories, a copy of the Frank Herbert Archives listing from California State University, summaries and / or reviews of his best books, and other interesting information.

Thanks for your patience.

- Alex

New World or No World

The Biography of Frank Herbert

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Frank Herbert's Bibliography

= Fiction =

Title Publication Date Cover and Review
Dune 1965 available
Dune Messiah 1969 available
Children of Dune 1976 available
God Emperor of Dune 1981 available
Heretics of Dune 1984 available
Chapterhouse: Dune 1985 available
The Jesus Incident (w/ Bill Ransom) 1979 not available
The Lazarus Effect (w/ Bill Ransom) 1983 not available
The Ascension Factor (w/ Bill Ransom) 1988 not available
The Dosadi Experiment 1977 not available
The Dragon in the Sea 1955 not available
Green Brain 1966 not available
Destination: Void 1966 not available
The Eyes of Heisenberg 1966 not available
The Heaven Makers 1968 not available
The God Makers 1960 not available
The Santoraga Barrier 1968 not available
Whipping Star 1970 not available
The White Plague 1982 not available
Man of Two Worlds 1986 not available
Hellstrom's Hive 1973 not available
The Priest of Psi 1980 not available
Eye 1985 available

= Non-fiction =

Title Publication Date Cover and Review
Survival of the Atom 1952 not available
New World of No World -- not available
Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience 1973 not available
Without Me You're Nothing: The Essential
Guide to Home Computers
1980 not available

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