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I made this page to answer the extremely common questions I get over e-mail each day. This is all I know, so please don't send me mail with requests for further information. I enjoy receiving e-mail from other Dune fans, but I don't enjoy answering the same questions over and over again. I'm sure everyone understands that. Good luck with your searches. I hope this helps.

- Alex Dunkel

...DUNE on VHS or DVD?

David Lynch's film, which had been out of print for quite some time, has finally come back. It was released again on video in May 1997 and is available in two formats: the widescreen and the standard pan and scan format. To locate a copy, try visiting your local video store, or visit REEL. They offer DUNE in VHS (used or new), DVD, and for rental (7-days). And they ship to any country except Brazil and Russia. CD Universe also sells this title for a good price.

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...the extended ("Allen Smithee") version of Dune?

This version of Dune is only available on videocassette if someone either tapes it off of TV or dubs it from laserdisc. (Yes, you can get it on laserdisc, but you'll have to ask around.) Rumor has it, this version is also available on DVD outside of the USA. If you can't find a hard copy, you'll have to record it off of the Sci-Fi Channel, which plays it about once each year. Not all the scenes may be present, but it does have a lot of footage that can't be found in the Dune video cassette or DVD.

...Dune movie posters?

Stores that specialize in movie posters are obviously the best place to look. However, depending on where you live, even those places may not be able to help. There are several on-line stores, such as The Nostalgia Factory that might have some of these posters in stock. Newsgroups and eBay are also another place to look.

...the Dune soundtrack?

The soundtrack was just recently reprinted, but it still rather difficult to find. Try shopping at CDNow or CD Universe (they should have some copies). If they've sold out, the best thing to do is to ask for a special order through music stores or visit eBay.

CDNOW Get it at CD Universe

...the Dune Encyclopedia or other hard-to-find books?

As you've probably noticed, a lot of books related to Dune aren't easy to find. To find the ever-elusive Dune Encyclopedia, you're going to need good sources and lots of luck. You can always look around in used book stores, but the thing to do is to try global book searches. For many people, you can find stores or individuals that do this in the yellow pages (under "Books"). This takes time, though, so you have to be patient. If this doesn't yield anything, try asking about these kinds of searches at places like B. Daulton's. They may have some suggestions. Last but not least, you can always try eBay.

Help try to get the Dune Encyclopedia reprinted!

...the Dune board game from Avalon Hill or Parker Brothers?

These were both made a while ago and are very hard to find, as you'd expect. The best place to look is on newsgroups that deal with board game sales. Pawn shops or stores that specialize in collectibles are also good places to comb through. Last but not least, you can always try eBay.

...the Dune computer games (I and II)?

The first game, Dune, was made by Virgin Games and is out of print. About the only chance of finding this would be on eBay.

Dune II was released by Westwood Studios for both IBM compatibles and the Sega Genesis. You may still be able to purchase the PC version through Westwood Studios. You can check out their Dune II pages. On the ordering page, Dune II isn't offered, but there is a phone number, so you can give that a try. Otherwise, refer to the advice given for the first Dune game.

...Marvel Comics, Fleer Collector Cards, Dune Action Figures, & Other Collector's Magazines?

This "general" category of Dune collectors items can be extremely difficult to find for one good reason: They are all movie-related and are generally found in comic book stores and other shops that specialize in collectibles. Since the movie was considered a flop when it was released, most of the people who visit these stores aren't interested in this merchandise. Hence, few places have them, or if they do have them, they are tucked away in the back corner of their storage rooms. The best thing to do is tell the people at the store that you're wanting a specific item (or items) and to have them keep an eye out for the item(s) of interest. Of course, you can always try asking around on newgroups that deal with the buying and selling of collectibles. Last but not least, you can always try eBay. I wish anyone the best of luck with these items.

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