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The World of Dune is intended to act as a partial archive of information pertaining to the Dune universe, which was originally created by Frank Herbert between 1965 and 1986 with the publication of the Dune Chronicles. The creator of this site has tried to touch upon each known topic of interest, whether immediately related to the original six books or not. If more detailed information is known to exist elsewhere, a link or reference will be provided.

This site had its humble beginnings as a small, uninformative fan page back in the middle of 1995. During the last half of 1996, the site underwent a noticeable transformation, and assumed the role being one of the primary Dune archives in the English-speaking world. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to update this site in years, so for now, no more work will be done. Please enjoy what I have accomplished to date.

Information about the creator:

    Name:Alex Dunkel
    Occupation:Computer Consultant / Network Analyst for the University of Illinois
    Year of Birth: 1976

Other Information:

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